Second beta of WebIssues Client 0.9.2

Submitted by mimec on 2007-09-05

This release introduces mostly bugfixes and improvements related to the new folder watches functionality. It also fixes a bug which could lead to sending invalid requests to the server. Finally, I added support for the MS Visual C++ compiler which helps me to develop and debug the application more efficiently, since I'm forced to use Windows most of the time :).

The new installer for Windows was created using binaries compiled using Visual Studio. Even though the open source edition of Qt doesn't officially support it, there is a third party patch available (see this KDE TechBase article for more information) and it seems to work fine. Note that the installer will also install the required Visual C++ runtime libraries.

Since Monday I'm starting my holiday and I will be offline for two weeks. When I come back I'll start working on the release candidate which should be available in the beginning of October. I'm planning to add a Filter Manager window, update the manual and prepare for internationalization - please contact me if you would like to translate the program.

Beta release of WebIssues Client 0.9.2

Submitted by mimec on 2007-08-27

This version is far from being complete, but I decided to make a preview release because it contains a number of new features which were requested on the forums. Feel free to test it and report bugs, suggestions and comments. The user's manual is not yet updated, so here's a short overview of the new features.

The main new feature is the so called 'folder watches'. It allows to display summary information about total, new and modified issues matching given filter criteria is selected folders. For example you can create two watches for a 'Bugs' folder: 'My Active Bugs' and 'My Resolved Bugs'. This way you can quickly see when a new bug is assigned to you or when someone has modified a bug resolved by you.

In addition, watched folders and their issues are marked with a small dot icon. A green dot means that the issue was modified since it was last read (or a folder contains some modified issues). A yellow dot means that the issue was never read (or a folder contains some unread issues).

Another feature is the ability to import and export client settings associated with a server, i.e. all column settings, filters, folder watches, etc. This is useful if there are multiple users working in a similar environment, for example in a help desk company. The administrator can configure the client for the users and they can easily import the prepared configuration.

As I recently announced on my home page, soon I'm going to suspend working on WebIssues for some time and move to other projects. So version 0.9.2, once completed, will probably be the last release this year. But there's still a lot to do, so don't worry, I'll be back :).

Hotfix release of the WebIssues Server

Submitted by mimec on 2007-08-15

A bug slipped into the latest version of the server which made User attributes not work with PostgreSQL and SQL Server databases. As this is a serious bug, I decided to make a hotfix release of the server. You don't need to install it if you use a MySQL database. When upgrading from version 0.8.3, just copy over the files as updating the database is not necessary. Upgrading from older versions works as usual, just follow the instructions in the manual.

WebIssues Client 0.9.1 released

Submitted by mimec on 2007-08-08

It took longer than I expected, but the next release of the desktop client application is complete. It contains many functional improvements: a start page was added which contains a list of recent connections;
attachments can be opened directly using the default application; the order of attributes in the details view can be changed. Also it was tested with Qt version 4.3 under both Windows and Linux and many problems were fixed, so this version is now officially supported.

Recently there was a large number of feature requests on the forums. Many thanks again for all your suggestions. Some of them were already implemented, others are planned in the upcoming releases. The amount of time I can spend on WebIssues is currently quite limited, so I cannot make any deeper changes in the architecture of the system. For now I will focus on implementing additional features in the client application, such as notifications, reporting, printing and exporting data. There is still a lot to improve in this area, so stay tuned om the next releases.

WebIssues Server 0.8.3 released

Submitted by mimec on 2007-07-03

The new version of the server has an SQL Server database engine and support for the mysqli PHP extension in addition to the existing MySQL and PostrgreSQL engines. Also a user's manual was added describing the installation, configuration and improving the security of the server.

The setup and update scripts are more secure and contain more configuration checks; a server status page was also added. Logging errors was improved and is now enabled by default.